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Complimentary Network & Telco Expense Analysis & Management

As part of our commitment to providing our clients the best possible service at the best possible price, TotalBC offers a complimentary Network and Telco expense analysis and management service.

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Looking for a new provider for your telephone service and/or broadband (Internet) provider? Would you like to connect multiple offices? Or, are you just looking to make sure your provider is offering you the best bang for your buck? Let us help!

TotalBC can save you time and effort by deciphering industry jargon and sales pitches to make sure you get the best rates from reputable providers. We will gather the information and pricing for you, weed through all the fluff and presentations, and translate into English all the Industry jargon. Once you make a decision, then and only then will we engage the company for you and make the introduction. Or, if you prefer, we can just pass the documents on to you.

Whether you go with our recommendations or not is completely up to you, we are just simply trying to fulfill the vision of TotalBC, which is help the client in any shape or form and to give the best client experience.

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As a "Thank You!" for being a TotalBC client, at your request, we will meet with you and discuss your current usage and your needs. Then we will analyze your current service providers and determine where you could potentially save money- with no loss in quality/service.


Our team has extensive experience in:

  • SIP Trunking
  • Digital (T1/PRI) Trunks
  • Bonded Circuits 
  • Analog Trunks
  • Data/WAN Circuits 
  • Point-Point/Private Line
  • Data Circuit
  • Frame Relay Circuits
  • MPLS Circuits
  • VLS Circuits
  • Direct Fiber
  • ADSL & SDSL Circuits
  • Business Class Cable 
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