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We let our work speak for itself. Read what our clients have to say about their TotalBC experience:

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonial Richard Strasburger, Financial Services, Raymond James

"The Support They Provide is Very Fast
The great phone service and support are big benefits to our company. We have been with TotalBC from the start and would not recommend anything else. If you are considering choosing TotalBC as your provider, you can look no further. The phones service is good and the support they provide is very fast, not to mention the affordable pricing.

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonial Carl Dupree, Tax Accounting Services, L. Carl Dupree & Associates, Inc.

"TotalBC Provides Peace of Mind
Simply knowing that Michael Snyder and the TotalBC team are proactively monitoring my IT needs provides our company with peace of mind, which is a huge benefit. We have used several providers in the past and have always been blessed with good service, but being under the watch of Michael Snyder and his TotalBC team provides us with comfort beyond what we have previously experienced. This team is well-qualified to meet your needs and they are great to do business with. Give the TotalBC team the opportunity to earn your business and turn that frown into a smile.

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonial Jennifer R Irvine, Production Supervisor, TV Series “The Hunting Wives”

"I Literally Would Not Trust Anyone Else
I was fortunate enough to find TotalBC on my first series in the Charlotte Area in 2011. I have worked with TotalBC for over 15 years now on multiple movies and television series as well as referred them to multiple peers that they have done work for. Michael Snyder came up to our sound stages and was incredible that first day and he and his team worked with us and our producing studio- FOX21 in LA and put in an incredible internet system to the specs of FOX. They have always been so great and since then I have never used anyone else for any of the shows that I am working on. They come immediately when we are having difficulties if they cannot walk us through it on the phone or fix it remotely. I do not trust anyone else, and Michael and his team have never let me down. They go above and beyond whenever you need them. They are warm, kind, and caring. They treat their customers like their best friends, and I always feel taken care of and like I am a priority. You would be making a mistake if you chose not to use TotalBC.

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonial

Beverley Grimsley - Administrative Development Manager, Hardhat Workforce Solutions

"TotalBC Checks All of Our Boxes
HardHat Workforce Solutions has been with TotalBC for many years, and they provide a partnership that you do not see in the larger companies. We have gotten to know the TotalBC team really well and they have always been willing to help us with not only our phone and network systems but have given us other helpful technological suggestions in addition to the services that they offer. If you are looking for a personal touch and flexibility with a technology provider, TotalBC checks all the boxes.

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialAlex Trammell - Accounting & IT Advisor, Hamrick Mills, Inc.

"TotalBC is Price Effective and Responsive.
TotalBC’s service was the most price effective solution when it came to deciding what phone or VOIP service to go with vs other companies. The responsiveness to technical questions / issues is exceptional as well. It is very convenient that I can pick up the phone and immediately get someone working on an issue and be able to report that back to upper management that someone is on it. The team is always very prompt and helpful in troubleshooting any issues that arise. Whichever VOIP phone service your company chooses will work fine most of the time and largely go unnoticed. However, when disruptions and issues arise (which they will) what separates TotalBC from the rest is how fast they can get back to you and resolve the issue. They always ensure that the service we receive is exceptional and timely.

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialMadeline Rowland - Paralegal, Rowland & Yauger, Attorneys & Counselors at Law

"TotalBC Has Brought Growth to Our Firm
We have really enjoyed switching to TotalBC, our previous phone system was very outdated and had a lot of limitations. We have two offices, and with our previous system we had difficulty transferring calls between offices. Our previous system limited the amount of calls we could take and prevented some of our clients from reaching us because if all our available lines were being used, our phone would just ring busy which not only affected our current clients trying to reach us, but also prevented potential new clients from reaching us as well. The TotalBC system is excellent, and now without some of our previous issues we have seen some growth in our firm which we can at least partially attribute to the fact that more people can reach us now. We also really appreciate the customer service the team at TotalBC have. Anytime we have had an issue, TotalBC has been on top of it, and we are never left with lingering service issues. Anything that has come up has been something minor that just needs to be adjusted, and it seems like we are consistently working with the same staff members at TotalBC, which we really appreciate as well. We would definitely recommend TotalBC for any size business. We are a smaller company with two locations, but I would be confident working with TotalBC even if we had a much larger company!

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonial

Nick Schewzyk - Owner, Chefs Catering

"TotalBC Takes Care of The Heavy Lifting
TotalBC makes it easy to get IT issues resolved quickly and efficiently.  We appreciate how they take care of the heavy lifting when the previous company we used required us to do most of the leg work. Michael Snyder and the team at TotalBC are truly professional in everything they do and have been a huge asset to our company".

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonial

Daniel Jump - IT Coordinator, Comserv, Inc.

"TotalBC Saves the Day Amid Tornados
One of the biggest benefits that TotalBC has had for our company has to be the quick response time to any questions or changes we have.  Most of the time we are taken care of in just a few minutes.  WE have only had onsite systems in the past and it is much easier now, not having equipment to maintain.  I used to have 4 locations with independent systems and TotalBC seamlessly integrated their tech to create more convenience and ease for us at our company.  There has been minimal downtime and not even the Tornado we experienced was able to get us down for long with the help of TotalBC.  You can't go wrong with Michael Snyder and the TotalBC team.  They offer personalized and quick service, and they make it easy to make changes like adding lines, ordering equipment or adding a solution.  TotalBC will get you what you need fast.  I have never worked with a company that is as customer service oriented as TotalBC.

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialBenjamin Baker. - IT Operations Coordinator, The Davis Community

"The biggest benefit that TotalBC has had for me, and my company is just how reliable and flexible the service is.  If our network was down, I could seamlessly move the device to an alternate solution.  While in the process of a massive network overhaul, I could rely on the people at TotalBC to do more than just keep the trains running, they took the time to help us plan and anticipate our issues, and always made sure we had the information we need to manage other vendors and maintain interoperability.  Also, they are just fun to work with, which makes the stress of any day a little less.
TotalBC is by far the most responsive, effective and conscientious company I have worked with in 20 years.  They are business-savvy enough to focus on expertly managing a few things very well, but human enough to maintain a broad understanding of SMB and Enterprise environments and what the people in those environments experience.
If you are on the fence about working with TotalBC, get off.  I can tell you from experience; the benefit to your organization will go beyond meeting your tech needs.

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialKatrina B. - Office Coordinator, Ballantyne Medical Associates

"We would like to thank TotalBC for doing an awesome job setting up the new phone system and training us.  We are a very busy practice and having a good phone system is very important.  After meeting with Michael I was very impressed with his knowledge and his drive to help us succeed in finding the best system.  He came highly recommended to one of our doctors and I am glad he did!
  On the first day we met Michael, he proved to me that TotalBC would be the best fit for our practice.  Our office met with several companies before making the final decision.  I believe me made the right choice with TotalBC.
  From the first appointment he made it 100% about finding out our issues and solving our problems.  He did not come to sell us a fancy phone system but more so to educate us on what we need in a phone system with us being such a busy practice.  He gave me homework, which was odd but I’m glad he did because it taught me a lot about the volume of calls we get and why we were getting so many complaints.  I would have never thought to investigate the way Michael taught me, which was to investigate the problem until you find all of your solutions.  Once I found my problems Michael helped me figure out the solutions.
Big Thanks to Michael and the TotalBC Team."

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialDennis Cox - IT Director, Citizens South Bank

“Michael Snyder and his technical staff are well trained, courteous and competent. Michael and Total Business Communications, Inc. understand my expectations and strive hard to exceed them on every support call. I have confidence in TotalBC to provide my phone and data services.” 

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialStephanie P. Bolding- Prince Gas Co. 

“Working with Total BC has been a huge pleasure. When we moved from our location in downtown, after 82 years, I was a bit worried about going to a phone system, but it has benefitted our company so much. Working with Michael, Jimmy and Lane has been wonderful. Whenever I need something changed on our system they have it done in minutes. Example, our Boiling Springs office had to be closed for a few days due to an illness in the family. I called Michael and he had the calls forwarded from that office to the Landrum office before I even got off the phone with him! The customer service with his company is beyond measurable.” 

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialGreg Williams - IT Manager, Paragon Revenue Group 

“I have been with Paragon Revenue Group for approximately 13 years. We are a financial firm with 125 employees. Roughly 80 of our employees spend their day making and taking phone calls. We utilize an auto dialer which works with our PBX. Until recently we used the Nortel Option 11C as our PBX. The Option 11C worked well and did what we asked of it. However, support and parts are hard to find and it lacks features a new system can offer. Doing a Google search we came across TotalBC. From the start we were impressed with Michael and his team. Rather than forcing VoIP on us, they offered a hybrid solution that would allow us to use our analog phones but expand to VoIP when ready. This met our needs perfectly. The PBX they suggested was the NEC SV8100. It offered the features we needed and was capable of handling our high call volume. After careful planning, TotalBC installed the NEC SV8100. The installation took about 5 hours and we experienced few issues. TotalBC thoroughly tested each phone and connection before calling the job complete. They provided onsite support the following Monday when we reopened. Since installation, we’ve had several questions regarding features and use. TotalBC has been quick to respond. TotalBC exceeded our expectations. Replacing an aged phone system is a challenge for any company and these guys made it simple. I would highly recommend TotalBC. These guys know the phone business.” 

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialDavid Schweppe - Schweppe & Schweppe, PA

“When our law firm was considering an upgraded telephone system, Total Business Communications, Inc. provided a thorough explanation of product options, and a competitive price quote. The installation of our new system was professional and exactly as described. We couldn’t be more pleased with our TBC experience.”

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialLouann Talbert - CFO, Dale Jarrett Automotive Group

“Hey Michael, Just want to let you know how happy we were with the install @ Kia. Your whole team did a great job and the system seems really easy to use. Michael, please accept this as a letter of recommendation for your technician, with Total BC. In addition to setup and programming the phone system, he was instrumental in organizing Kia dealership’s communications for store opening. His knowledge and communication skills with the workers made an impact on learning a new system. The setup and installation made the opening seamless and successful, in part due to his input. Your company and he is truly an asset to both Dale Jarrett Ford and Dale Jarrett Kia.”

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialBobbie Rock - Studio Fusion Architecture Interiors

“Dear Total Business Communication’s Team (TotalBC), Monday Jimi came to our office to install a new wireless conference phone, a Nortel Phone, and switch extensions. Jimi was on time, helpful, and very professional. He was able to understand the problems and concerns I had. He was informative and took time to explain the key functions of the products to me so I could better understand them. I will now always request Jimi for any technical issues for our system. I would like to say thank you from our whole team here at Studio Fusion. It is hard to find a business that prides itself on customer service and efficiency and you did both. Your business will be referred to our clients and we will be using you again during company’s growth. Thank you.” 

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialLarry Sharp - Progressive Lighting 

“Michael – Firstly, let me tell you how impressed I have been with your company, however I want to address one in particular employee Jimi and how he works.  He’s not only knowledgeable, but is a focused and a hard worker. Very frequently the technician on site is just doing his job – you can tell that with Jimi he takes each installation personally.  I have had a long-held belief that if you’re going to do anything, do it the best that you can and this is obviously shared by Jimi and his work ethic.  I can’t thank you enough for assigning him to our installation. Thank you again for the excellent service.”

Managed IT Services Testimonials and Reviews | Total BC - testimonialDenise W. Steindl - Property Manager, Atapco Properties 

“It is with great pleasure that I write to thank you for helping us with our recent move. Michael Snyder was my first point of contact with Total BC and I found him to be very responsive, professional, and personable. Our technician, Eric, was right on time, even given the fact that our phone vendor was vague! Eric was also very professional and polite, he worked well with the phone vendor and Erica was extremely knowledgeable. Mike, Eric, and Total BC will get high recommendations from me! Best Regards, Denise.”