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TotalBC Completes Acquisition of Enterprise Technologies, Inc. (ETI)

Hanahan, SC, December 09, 2021 --( TotalBC, Inc. has completed their acquisition of Enterprise Technologies, Inc. as of August 1, 2021.

Enterprise Technologies, Inc. (ETI) has served businesses in the Charleston and surrounding counties for more than three decades.

"The Charleston, SC area has been an area that we had some recent uptick in growth before the acquisition and we look forward to work with all of ETI's clients and introducing them to what we feel is a new standard of customer service; one that quite frankly is lacking in our industry as a whole," says CEO, Michael Snyder.

TotalBC is a full service technology company that offers its clients a full suite of solutions from network support and installation, hosted VoIP for business' on premise telecommunications solutions, IP Camera systems and access control.

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