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Common Business Phone Malfunctions

We all rely on our phones in one way or another. They offer instant access to news, family, friends, colleagues, and clients alike. Apps can also get you pretty much anything that you want.

Next to computers, phones are like the life blood of any business. And organization's people need them to help grow and strengthen their business. But, just like all forms of technology in this modern age, phones have their own set of problems.

Some are simple, while others take a whole IT team to fix them. Here are four of the most common business phone malfunctions and what to do with them.

  • Lost Messages: There is nothing worse than losing an important message. Sometimes, employees do not access their voicemail to see who called. Other times, the voicemail can become corrupt and those messages are lost forever. What's the solution? One way is to transfer voicemails to e-mails. This guarantees that messages are received in a timely fashion. Another idea is to optimize the phone system to provide unified communications.
  • Disconnects: This is the bane of all technological existence. A manager or employee could be on the phone with a client and the call gets dropped due to an obscure technical glitch. One solution is to put everyone on the same phone system. Then always check the connections before hand. Alternatively, you can resort to the time-tested "turning it off and on again" routine.
  • Too Many Messages: This can apply to all parts of life. If an employee is not careful, too many messages could end up overloading the voicemail of their phone and new messages will not be able to get through. What can be done about this? An employee can listen to the messages daily and delete any unnecessary messages. 
  • Security Risks: Hackers just love to attack anything that is technology-based. If a company is not careful, their personal and confidential information could be out in the open. What can be done about this? The best way to tackle this is to make sure that the phone lines are secure and keep everything up to date.

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