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Why Companies Choose VoIP Services Over Traditional Business Phone Systems

Few things are as important to a business as having a reliable, stable telephone connection. Despite this, many businesses still opt for traditional phone systems.

In the past few years, however, a steady stream of businesses have switched from traditional telephone carriers to Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) phone services.

For the uninitiated, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a phone service that allows you to make phone calls over the Internet with a broadband Internet connection rather than a copper phone line. There are several benefits to using VoIP, which a growing number of businesses are taking advantage of.

Cost Savings

Simply put, using a VoIP connection can save lots of money. VoIP users save on charges and fees. VoIP users usually pay a standard amount per user. In most cases, this includes local and long-distance calls as well as in house phone calls.


Another prime benefit of using VoIP phone services is that you can take your service with you. It doesn't matter whether you are in your office, on the move, in the field, at another office, or anywhere else. Most providers now offer smartphone apps with call forwarding. So, you still have the ability to use your telephone anywhere in the world. 

VOIP is Easy to Manage

VoIP systems are easy to manage since all that is required to move extensions and other operations is to reprogram software. Once the system is integrated into your office, there is no further need for moving wiring.

VOIP Features

Business owners and managers who believe that they will need to give up features of their phone systems are pleasantly surprised when they find out that all features are offered. From call waiting to transfers, to conference calling and much more, VoIP not only offers them but in some packaged they are offered at no charge.


VoIP is easier to scale as your team grows (especially across geographic locations). With traditional phone lines, you typically had to add more copper wiring to support the increased demands of your phone system. 

With VoIP, you just add the phone itself. And, the smartphone apps we mentioned earlier allow users to use their own phones if they choose. So, you may not even need to buy new phones. 

The above are just a few reasons why so many business owners and managers are opting to have VoIP services in their businesses, and there are many more. VoIP offers you everything you expect from your phone system with more efficiency, features, and savings. 

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