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How Managed IT Services Can Help Your Business

When it comes to managing your IT systems, the main problem becomes optimizing the staff and resources required to keep your operations up and running. This task not only requires strategic planning, but also the right leadership and skilled IT professionals that are trained in your specific set of hardware and software processes. Your IT system is required to store and manage data - yet, it also must perform cybersecurity checks, provide unified communications, and perform a range of business computing functions. 

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

IT failures are estimated to cause approximately 90 minutes of downtime per occurrence - at a cost of $5,600 per minute. Managed IT services will reduce IT failures and help companies improve their business processes. Companies usually realize a boost in productivity and the establishment of a clear set of corporate-wide IT best practices. From SMBs to Fortune 500 corporations, outsourcing the management of the entire (or portions) of their business computing infrastructure has removed many IT technology pain points:

  • a dedicated set of IT experts with a wide range of skills
  • a reduction in the rising costs of in-house IT personnel
  • significant cost savings in capital expenditures for IT equipment
  • a flexible IT infrastructure allows quick response to increased customer demand
  • a more reliable data center means less unproductive downtime
  • off-loading of data storage space to third-party data centers
  • remote access allowing IT technicians to resolve problems quickly
  • comprehensive disaster recovery plan in case of natural disaster or cyber attack
  • provides options to mix in-house and outsourced IT functions

When you consider enlisting the services of an outside managed IT provider, look for a firm that will address your present in-house problems, and can also incorporate a range of premier IT solutions, such as cloud storage, security, and mobile platforms. Managed IT can help your network operate at peak efficiency while reducing costs and allowing for future growth. If you're looking for a reliable company that provided managed IT services then look no further. TotalBC can provide IT services, business phone systems and much more, contact us today!

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